From MySpace to Tumblr, I have travelled across various forms of social media for the last 15 years. You can now find me here on Blogger where I blog about many corners of my life. From sexuality to mental health, and music to beauty favourites, JYDMRA is a lifestyle hub that (hopefully) caters to many.

I was inspired to start JYDMRA (short for my name, Jayde Maria) when I was struggling to find many true, honest stories about mental health on the internet. I decided to use my platform to speak about my anxiety disorder, and encouraged others to get involved and speak out. I have an ongoing Mental Health Awareness Project that invites readers alike to share their stories via guest posts on JYDMRA, to help raise awareness and reduce the stigma that exists around mental health. Whether you personally suffer or have any advice from any perspective, myself and my readers would love to hear from you. Although I encourage them not to be, published submissions can be anonymous if you prefer.

My writing background stems from music, where I created and run Nelipott Music for 4 years. Nelipott was the home to several writers and photographers all across the world, where we had the most fun reviewing albums, going to live shows, award ceremonies, and interviewing our favourite artists. Because of this, you can of course find a lot of music related content on JYDMRA, and i'm also keen on giving artists of all backgrounds the platform to share their work and creativity. If you have any kind of craft you would like to be introduced on the Meet The Artist feature, do not hesitate to drop me an email!

If i'm not blogging, you'll either find me watching trash on MTV, mentally redecorating my house on Pinterest, or at the back of a music venue in London with a Hooch and my best friends.

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