Sunday, 14 June 2020

I've signed as many petitions as I can, but I really wanted to do more for the Black Lives Matter movement. While my platform is only small, I want to give black creatives a well deserved opportunity to promote their work or just share their thoughts on JYDMRA. We're starting with Jai Ceesay, a fashion and portrait photographer based between London and the Midlands. 

"The Black Lives Matter movement has put black creatives and businesses on the map with people wanting to support, which is incredible but why wasn’t it like this before? 

Although society has developed tremendously throughout history, it is still a struggle for a black female creative within the industry as it is still male-dominated. We need to build each other up within the creative industry, share each others work and compliment each other on various successes. 

Not everything has to be a competition, it’s good to just be kind and supportive towards everyone." - Jai Ceesay.

Check out Jai's work via her Website, Instagram, and Facebook.


© Image Source: Jai Ceesay

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