10 Thing I've Learnt While Self Isolating

Friday, 10 April 2020

It's the end of week 4 in quarantine and unfortunately I don't think the end is in sight yet. While we're all adapting to a new way of living in a very strange and scary world, it's safe to say we all have a lot more time to ourselves which i'm sure can be both a blessing and a curse. Here are a few things i've learnt in the last month.

1. Cats literally do just sleep all day
If you wonder why your cats scream at you for a three course meal at 3 in the morning, it's because they've been asleep ALL. DAY. Literally all day. I really am so grateful having pets during this time.

2. Online / virtual quizzes are fun!
I've seen a few people host pub-style quizzes on Instagram, Zoom, Houseparty etc, so this week I decided to host my own music one on Instagram Live - I was so overwhelmed by the positive response with people telling me how much it cheered them up and helped to occupy their mind for a while, that i've decided to make it a weekly occurrence while we're social distancing. If you're interested i'll be hosting every Wednesday evening over on my Instagram, with a bonus edition this Easter Sunday! Details will be posted on my story and Twitter.

3. Having more time in the day doesn't necessarily make you more productive
I really thought that having more time at home would help me to do all the chores I keep putting off, working out more than usual, and sorting and tidying all the things i've accumulated in my house over the last 20 years. But nope, here I am, procrastinating more than ever before.

4. It's okay to not stick to a strict routine (but it's also okay to create one if it helps you!)
Following on from the last point, I was so adamant on following a 'Quarantine Routine' afraid of falling into a pit of depression, but I ended up finding myself getting more worked up and down over not sticking to it, that it ended up doing more harm than good. While I am (most days) ensuring I get up at 8am, showering, getting ready, and trying and do something creative, I am not being too harsh on myself and allowing this to be a time where we can be lazy and not feel guilty about it.

5. FaceTime is not as scary as I thought
We are so lucky to live in a world with the available technology there is as it definitely makes the current situation a lot easier to deal with. I make sure to FaceTime someone every single day, even if only for a quick 5 minute check-in. It's important to still keep up communication with your loved ones to ensure you're not even more isolated. Last night I was on FaceTime for nearly 6 hours while just playing The Sims - it felt like we were having a sleepover and it's nice to just have a friendly face around.

6. I'm great at building houses on The Sims but awful at playing the actual game
I recently downloaded The Sims as EA are currently doing us a solid with the game being just £11.24 (usually £44.99, get it here). It's a great way to get indulged in something that isn't just Netflix, and i'd personally say I must be in the wrong job as i'm clearly meant to be an architect... 

7. After 10 years I can actually still draw
I've been bullet journalling for a while now, but when it come to actual sketching - specifically portrait art - it had been well over 10 years since I picked up a pencil. I decided to give it a go and it's been really therapeutic to do something away from the computer and to be creative. I started a separate Instagram if you'd like to follow along with my progress!  

8. Disney+ could not have come at a better time
When I first heard about Disney+ I wasn't really phased as assumed it would just be a bunch of stuff I wasn't interested in, but I couldn't have been more wrong... From Lizzie McGuire to Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers concerts to Toy Story, Homeward Bound and even 10 Things I Hate About You, there is so many nostalgic gems on Disney+ that would uplift anyone. Really could not recommend it enough.

9. Learning TikTok dances absolutely counts as a workout
I don't think you need me or anyone to tell you to get onto TikTok at this point as it's taken over the social media world recently, but no matter how cringe you found the lip-syncing and dancing to start with, we're all now hooked. Learning the dances are a bit of harmless fun and a good way to keep even just a little active. 

10. Carole Baskin killed her husband.

Stay safe everyone x

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