New Year, Slightly Different Me... Just Continuing My Goals

Friday, 3 January 2020

A year ago today I posted 'New Year, Same Me... Just With A Few Goals'. It was the first time I ever really made any kind of resolutions, and if i'm completely honest with you, I didn't really see a positive end for any of them. I have always been a bit of a cup-half-empty person and rarely find the positive when it comes to myself. Fortunately, I was proven wrong.

I usually spend the end of the year wishing for a better next, but as a whole, 2019 was actually a good year. Despite some bad lows, there has also been some really amazing highs, and i'm going into 2020 with a positive outlook that i've usually struggled to find in the past.

A year ago I wrote that I wanted to learn how to drive, save money, and to be more creative. I achieved one more than the others (your girl is now the proud owner of a pink license and a Hyundai!) but I definitely explored all. Driving was always an ordeal for me. As someone with severe anxiety I did often wonder if i'd ever be able to drive, but I was determined that I could push through it, and i'm so glad I did. I had a really understanding and supportive instructor who actually turned something very anxiety enduring into something enjoyable. I had some unfortunate circumstances in my first two driving tests, but third times a charm, and I passed in December with just 1 minor. I am super excited about the freedom I have given myself and how I kicked anxiety straight in the balls and faced my fears. For this achievement alone I couldn't fault 2019.

Another big change in my life was finally feeling strong enough and in the right head space to lose weight. It has been an emotional rollercoaster and certainly not an easy one, but in the last half of 2019 I lost 2 and a half stone. I am not at my goal yet, but I feel so much better and know I can continue to do this for my own confidence, and most importantly, my health. Teaching myself that these things take time is the most important thing i'd ever say to anyone who felt trapped like I did.

That leads me on to 2020; my new (well, updated) goals.

01. Save money.
I entered this year feeling a little deflated that I didn't have a big chunk of savings after making it a goal last year, but I reminded myself of the trips away, gifts, gigs, driving, and general lifestyle throughout 2019 that has proved i've changed my spending habits. Getting a Monzo account seriously altered the way I spend, and I know now that I have passed my driving test I can concentrate my savings elsewhere and continue this goal into 2020.

02. Be creative.
Another goal I am carrying over from last year is to be more creative. I unfortunately didn't keep up bullet journalling last year, but this year however Amanda Rach Lee released her Doodle Planner that I think i'll find a lot easier to keep up to date. I hope to look back on this post in a years time with a full, completed journal, ready to start a new one. As well as this I want to continue my creativity with blog posts, new hobbies, and generally continue to make memories and fulfil my life with things I enjoy.

03. Join a gym.
As i've said in previous posts about my weightloss/fitness journey, I don't want to disclose too many numbers as no two people are the same, but I have set myself a target of a further 2 stone weight loss this year. To do this I will continue with better snacking, more protein, and healthier options more regularly, but i'd also like to push my fitness to further than just my bedroom. As much as I enjoy The Fitness Marshall, I know I need to expand my fitness and explore other options to keep my progress positive. I have major anxiety when it comes to going to the gym, so I hope 2020 see's me gain the confidence to finally join one and actually enjoy it.

2020 starts a new year, a new decade, and more personally it see's me hitting my 30's...!

Let's do this. x

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