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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Last year I spoke about my Holy Grail Makeup Products, and while I still love the products mentioned, my makeup routine has significantly simplified since. I don't know if my age is making me feel more confident (using that term loosely) in not wearing so much on a day to day basis, or if i'm just super lazy (more likely), but here are my favourite everyday go-to's that gets my face done in about 10 minutes. 

I've been using these products for months and months, some years, so they're truly tried and tested. Most of these items are also drug store/high street so easily accessible and kinder on your bank account!

Nivea | Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream (£2.45)
After deciding that primers are a placebo earlier this year, I now just rely on my trusty moisturiser to prime the skin, and this basic Nivea face / body / hand cream is my absolute holy grail. It's not thick but not watery, not unscented but not overpowering, and is kind to sensitive skin. I'd never use another moisturiser and could not recommend this lil' bargain enough. 

L'Oreal Paris | BB C'est Magic (£10.99)
I was so, so skeptical of this product because it's one of those 'white to skin tone' formulas that i've never trusted. Solely based on good reviews online and from some Twitter mutuals, after wanting to ditch using foundation everyday, I decided to bite the bullet and give it a go. To my surprise it quickly became my favourite base, so much so that I rarely use foundation at all anymore. It sits well on my face throughout the day and looks super natural. For shade reference i'm Ecru in Double Wear and the 'Light' in this BB cream suits me perfectly.

Maybelline | Instant Anti Age Eraser Concealer (£8.99)
This is a product i've been using for years now and after trying so many different concealers I really don't think anything would match up to this one. I can't say I believe much of the 'anti age' claims, but it is a super creamy concealer that doesn't feel cakey and creates a nice coverage alongside the BB Cream. It's a good 'all rounder' concealer so works well under eyes and on blemishes.

Rimmel | Match Perfection Loose Powder (£8.49)
Now I can't vouch for the Laura Mercier's and Chanel's, but I can say that this is 100% the best drug-store setting powder out there. This has been a continuous re-purchase for me for years; it has no flashback, is super finely milled, and sets your face to a matte but not flat texture and even helps with filling pores. I swear by this stuff and wouldn't use another face powder as long as this exists. 

L'Oreal Paris | Back To Bronze Matte Bronzing Powder (£8.99)
As much as I love my trusty bargain from MUA (and I do occasionally layer the both when wearing a full beat), when my local Superdrug was out of stock I picked up L'Oreal's Back To Bronze instead and was immediately converted. I have a pretty fair complexion, and this bronzer doesn't make me look orange or muddy and is the perfect shade to warm up my face and create some depth. 

The Balm | Mary Lou Manizer Highligher (£20.00)
The most expensive entry for my face, but highlighter is something that many brands can't quite get right (unless you like chunky glitter), so finding something that is that right balance of natural sheen and a lil' blinding can be difficult. I've used Mary Lou Manizer for years and it's my absolutely favourite for that gorgeous champagne glow. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills | Dipbrow Pomade (£19.00)
I'm pretty sure this is a holy grail for anyone with sparse brows like myself, and many years later Dipbrow is still doing me proud. Are there drug-store dupes that do pretty much the same thing? Yes, absolutely (NYX Tame & Frame, Milani Stay Put Brow Colour, Revolution Pro Brow Pomade), but will they 100% live up to ABH's standards? Unfortunately not.

Collection | Colour Lash Mascara - Clear (£1.99)
This is technically a mascara, but works perfectly as an eyebrow gel, giving you that definition without that crispy/clumpy feel. At just £1.99 you really can't go wrong and has delivered exactly the same results any other brow gel has given me. 

L'Oreal Paris | Paradise Extatic Mascara (£11.99)
Before now i'd always been a 'all mascaras are the same' kinda gal, simply picking up whatever was on offer whenever I needed a new one; that was until I used this mascara. I am prone to short, straight annoying lashes that don't do much at all, but Paradise Extatic has the perfect sized bristle brush that gives me lift, length and volume without little to no effort. A definite favourite.

What are your everyday go-to's? Let me know in the comments! 

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