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Monday, 28 October 2019

I was of course proud of myself and happy after hitting my one and a half stone weight loss mark, but I did find myself hitting a bit of a wall. This is apparently very common when dieting, and while I wanted to keep heading in the right direction, I was losing motivation and had lack of inspiration about what foods to eat. I decided I needed some kind of plan to follow, and after watching several YouTube videos and reading even more reviews, I decided to go for Protein World's The Slender Plan.

It was watching Demi Donnelly's video (below) on The Slender Plan (yes I do keep reading it as Slenderman every time I say it) that confirmed that this may be the right plan for me. I am really strongly against the "detox teas" that are simply just a glorified laxative, so it was important for me to find a plan that was about structure, help and ease.

Contents of The Slender Plan:
  • Breakfast x20 - Slender porridge or pancake servings
  • Lunch x20 - Slender Blend shakes
  • Snack x20 - Slender bars, clusters or bakes
  • Capsules x2 
  • Weekend pancakes x5 servings
  • Slender Tea x28
  • Shaker
  • Weight loss Guide & Progress Tracker 

This is a 4 week plan that retails for £99.99 - would I pay that for it? Absolutely not. But Protein World often do discounts and I got mine when it was on 40% off for £59.99 (I have 45% off for you at the bottom of this post)! At full price it costs less than £3.57 per day (if followed religiously) which is very affordable, but as a whole I would see The Slender Plan as an introduction to Protein World, rather than a repeat buy. It's definitely a good stepping stone to get a feel for what products you like to then go on to purchase separately on their shop.

The ordering process was really easy and you are given the choice of picking 2 flavour options for the porridge, shakes and snacks. With the free delivery option it arrived a week after ordering, and before receiving the physical order, you are emailed the PDF recipe guide which is a nice touch (there are also hundreds of great recipes on their website here).

I decided to ease myself into the plan as I knew that personally following a strict regime for a month wouldn't suit me, therefore I dipped in and out and simply used Slender Plan for food and snack options when I was feeling unmotivated with my own. I've never even tried protein shakes let alone used them as a meal replacement, so it was important for me to get a balance and not shock my system.

  • The Slender Blend Bar in Chocolate Chip is absolutely divine! It literally tastes like a bar of cake yet without heavy calories, is low in sugar and is packed with heaps of protein to help keep you fuller for longer. 
  • The shakes are really nice! I was so skeptical of what flavours to go for and whether they'd actually taste good, but I can highly recommend Chocolate and Vanilla. With almond milk it is low in calories and is easy to make - I was concerned that they would be lumpy or powdery but the shaker seems to do the job with help from the mesh insert, and I never had a problem with lumps. They do a 'Trial Pack' of all the flavours which is a great way to give them all a try, so i'll definitely be picking that up. 
  • It's convenient - I'll be honest, I am super lazy when it comes to cooking and preparing meals, so I like the ease of it. Outside of The Slender Plan there are loads of different products available on their shop so there really is something for everyone, even if it is just snack alternatives.
  • The pancakes are great and taste no different to "normal" pancakes and are super easy to make. They're also available in a vegan option, like many of their products.
  • The porridge is nice, but very thick and gloopy (technical terms, clearly x) - I did find it a bit of a struggle to finish the bowl cause the taste got a bit overwhelming after a while, but I got the chocolate flavour so think the original vanilla would be better. It's still a 'pro' for me cause I do like it, just wouldn't choose to have it every morning, and especially not on days i'm also having a shake for lunch.

  • When the order arrived it wasn't presented in the nice box as advertised and was just loosely chucked in a box bigger than needed (above), which although is nothing to do with the quality of the products, it was a little disappointing as presentation and delivery goes a long way with consumers. 
  • The Slender Tea wasn't included in my order as it was out of stock, and it seemed to have been replaced with vitamin capsules which seemed like an odd substitute.
  • There isn't much information on the packaging or the website about the capsules so I was really nervous to start taking these. I ended up relying on reviews on Holland & Barrett which gave me some clarity but still not enough. I only used the Carb Blockers before heavy carb dinners once or twice a week, and used 1 capsule rather than 2, as i'm still wary of using tablets.
  • It is expensive. For example I really love The Slender Blend Bars but they are £20 for 10 bars when purchased outside of The Slender Plan, which works out £2 a bar. There are many multipack cereal / protein bars on the high-street for a quarter of this price.
  • The Salt & Vinegar Clusters are absolutely rank...! I'm sure there is (a very small handful of) people out there that like them, but I couldn't even finish one of the (tiny) bags. I expected a kind of snack-a-jack vibe, but instead got a weird oaty, nutty, perfumy, bag of vinegar - and that's coming from someone who loves vinegar! 

As i've mentioned, this is my first time following any form of weight loss plan or using protein shakes, so I was really nervous and skeptical about it at first. I don't believe meal replacements should be used long term and definitely shouldn't be used for all meals every day, but I found that doing 3 days a week of lunch time meal replacements was beneficial for me and didn't make me feel super restricted. I was surprised how full they kept me, and I wouldn't say it was any less or more full than a "normal" lunch.

It's difficult for me to give a solid answer on whether The Slender Plan worked for me as I dipped in and out of it, however I have been using it on/off alongside a healthy(ish) diet and regular work outs, and my weight loss has totalled at 5lbs in 3 weeks. I'm sure if you were more religious with it you could have greater results, but i'm happy with my progress (so far)!

So, would I buy the full Slender Plan again? No, but i'd definitely re-purchase products from Protein World and think the plan was a great way to introduce and educate me on the products and protein in general. I'll definitely be continuing with shakes a couple of times a week, and look forward to trying out some of the other products like Cookie Mix, Brownie Mix and the Golden Oat Bars. There are many positive attributes to introducing more protein into your diet, and i've noticed it's especially helped me with doing more intense, longer work-outs on the days that I do.

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