My Favourite Low Calorie Snacks

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

It's been almost 2 months since I posted 'A New, Healthier Journey...' and the response to it was so overwhelming. I've had so much support, encouragement and kind words since being more open about my weight and health and it's made something very anxiety enduring for me, a lot more pleasant, so thank you all so much for that.

To update, I'm currently sitting at a 1.6 stone weight loss mark! My progress and journey with this has been slow and steady, but a definite and clear step in the right direction. I still have a long way to go, but I am sticking to a pace I can keep up with that doesn't make me resent my diet to then inevitably give up and throw it all away. 

Although I am of course being mindful with my meal choices (a simple example being cereal instead of toast, plant based milk instead of dairy), and upping my fitness (can you believe I actually semi-successfully went for a run?!), the main change I have made is completely changing my snacking habits, which I believe was the main factor in my weight gain and why i'm slowly losing now.

As an avid snacker, it was always extremely jarring when someone would say "just have some fruit instead", so I wanted to do a post simply to just share some of my new favourite snacks that are a lot lower in calories than the chocolates and crisps I used to reach for in the past. Of course, you can rustle up a very healthy fruit salad if you prefer, but here's my grab-n-go list of faves. They aren't necessarily all "healthy", but they are definitely healthier

I think Chocolate is the biggest downfall for a lot of us, but being on a diet and/or eating healthier doesn't mean you need to completely remove it from your life! There are options out there that are super tasty and give you your chocolate fix for under 150 calories.

☆ KitKat - Two Finger (104 kcal)

Cereal Bars
I eat my breakfast at around 7:30am, so by 11am I am starting to feel pretty hungry unsure if I can wait until lunchtime; this is where my trusty mate cereal bar steps in. Cereal bars are a great low-calorie quick fix, but they are often filled with a lot of sugar so I try not to make it an every day habit. 

I'm a savoury over sweet person, so the amount of share bags of crisps i've gone through in one sitting is uncountable. Finding alternatives to stop me ploughing through M&S Salt & Vinegar Chiplets constantly was very important for me - and although nothing will ever live up to them - i've found some pretty tasty options.

☆ Popchips Barbeque (97 kcal) 
☆ Walkers Quavers Cheese (86 kcal)

Sunny Raisin (47 kcal)
☆ Sainsbury's Greek Style Cheese (30g - 57 kcal)

Please note: I am personally following a calorie counting "diet" and that is working for me. I understand this does not work for everyone and that there are many factors like fats, sugar, salt etc to consider when changing your diet and eating healthier. Food is a very touchy subject with many, many people (myself included) and no one should be shamed for the choices they make. This post is meant for simple recommendations and help for those that may want to try it, and not to be analysed negatively. Please be mindful of this if you decide to comment, not only for me but for any readers that may be struggling. Friendly suggestions are of course welcomed!

What are some of your favourite healthier snacks?

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