A Realistic Top 10 Favourite Movies

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

I don't know about you, but when i'm trawling the internet for film recommendations, a lot of the blogs are pointing me in the direction of cult classics and the "top films you should see before you die". While I don't doubt that I probably should see those films before I die, I also want a bit of easy watching and not always something that's so intense it makes me question the meaning of life.

So, here I present to you a realistic Top 10 Favourite Movies (including trailer links). Some cult classics and some just really easy watching, from a non film buff and just someone that enjoys a bit of Netflix and chill...

10. Cruel Intentions. 
Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe.

Having a similar general vibe, my first entry was very close call between Cruel Intensions and American Beauty. However, I still remember the first time I watched Cruel Intentions so vividly, so when you remember your surroundings and emotions from 15 years ago, I think it's safe to say that movie has gotta be the favourite. It's the teen film with a twist; added drama, added edge and added sex. Some of the relationships (if not all) are completely messed up, and the story unravels to an unexpected ending that still upsets me to this day. Although evil, Sarah Michelle Gellar is absolutely outstanding in this movie.

09. Below Her Mouth.
Starring: Natalie Krill, Erika Linder. 

I spoke about Below Her Mouth in my LGBTQ Films That Are Actually Worth The Watch post, because unlike most queer movies, this one actually has a believable and probably relatable-to-most story line. There isn't much to choose from when it comes to lesbian movies, so this is a bit 'best of a bad bunch', but it has become a favourite of mine. There's a lot of sex, a lot of "oh for fuck sakes" at the TV, but it's a nice watch with an attractive cast.

08. What's Love Got To Do With It.
Starring: Angela Bassett, Laurence Fishburne.

Released in 1993, What's Love Got To Do With It is my oldest entry, but undoubtably one of the most poignant. If you're not familiar with the film, it's the story of Tina Turner's life, and before you pre-judge it, know that this woman has been through absolute hell to get to where she is today. It's a difficult, somewhat graphic watch, but it's one that will completely change your mind and/or educate you on the music industry and the things that so many women unfortunately go through. Angela Bassett who plays Tina Tuner, is absolutely remarkable and gets Tina's moves and mannerisms down to a T.

07. Titanic.
Starring: Leonardo Dicaprio, Kate Winslet. 

An obvious cult classic and the film i've probably seen the most out of all films ever (honestly, I used to watch it every. single. day. after school - what are cartoons?!), but a very worthy entry. I'm not sure there's a single soul in the world that hasn't seen Titanic, but if you haven't, what the hell are you doing still sitting here reading this?! Go!

06. Bohemian Rhapsody.
Starring: Rami Malek, Lucy Boynton. 

The newest release out of all of my entries, Rami Malek completely stole my heart in his efforts as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody that it absolutely had to make an appearance in my Top 10. As someone that's heavily into music i'm always interested in biopic style movies, but sometimes they can be super tacky and far fetched that it's hard to enjoy. Bohemian Rhapsody, however, is the complete opposite of tacky, and it so beautifully executed throughout. It is fun, gripping, gut wrenching and romantic. A true homage to Queen and Freddie in particular.

05. Gone Girl.
Starring: Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike. 

I never forget going to this this film in the cinema; I was that annoying person shouting "oh my god... oh! shit! omg! no way!" as the plot unravelled. I love a good crime drama, especially one with an unexpected twist, and Rosamund Pike is absolutely exceptional as Amy in Gone Girl. As psychological thrillers go, this is definitely way up there with the best i've seen, and no doubt a favourite to many.

04. Bridget Jones. 
Starring: Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant.

Bridget Jones is so heart-warmingly relatable that you simply can't not love her. I've enjoyed all three of the movies equally, and think the characters were cast so well throughout. Yes, it's a typical girly rom-com, but Bridget's a character radiates in a way like most don't. I can't believe it's been nearly 20 years since it's release, but somehow it's still just as enjoyable. Timeless.

03. Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging.
Starring: Georgia Groome, Aaron Taylor-Johnson. 

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know how much I adore this film from the amount of times I yap on about it, but I honestly don't know a single girl in the world that hasn't enjoyed watching this. We've all been Georgia, we've all fancied a Robbie, and we all cannot get enough of that bloody cat. The iconic quotes that come out of this film are endless (In case you haven't noticed i'm a woman now, I wear a bra!), and it's so beyond cringey that it's actually good. I could honestly watch this one every week and not get bored.

02. The Green Mile.
Starring: Tom Hanks, Michael Clarke Duncan. 

I could probably do a whole post on my Top 10 Favourite Tom Hanks films (Cast Away, Big, Forrest Gump, to name but a few), but if I had to whittle down my all-time favourite of Hanks', it would 100% be The Green Mile. While it's obvious I enjoy an easy-going, cheesy teen film a lot of the time, if I do want something absolutely mind-blowing and strong cinema, The Green Mile is always my favourite movie. It's a long one, it's an emotional one, and it's not an easy watch, but if there's one film you need to watch out of these 10 it would have to be this one.

01. A Cinderella Story.
Starring: Hilary Duff, Chad Michael Murray. 

"Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought; useless, and disappointing" - what a line, and what a FILM! I do not care what anyone says, there is absolutely nothing better than a cheesy teen movie. It's predictable, it's unrealistic and it's outright stupid at times, but it's also horribly romantic and everything you could ever want on a cosy Sunday afternoon curled up on your sofa. I could honestly quite easily recite every single word of this film, and even just writing this post is making me want to watch it for the 100th time. Added bonus is that it has one of the greatest movie soundtracks ever, with the likes of Jimmy Eat World, The Goo Goo Dolls, Edwin McCain, and of course Hilary Duff herself, playing throughout.

What are your favourite movies? Let me know in the comments!

© Image Source: Bohemian Rhapsody

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