5 Easy Steps To Starting A Blog

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

I'm not the most tech-savvy individual, but it's often a misconception that you need to be when starting a blog. A lot of people are interested in starting a blog, but are put off because of the set-up and not knowing where to start. Starting a blog can seem daunting, but these five steps i've put together show how easy it is to get your website up and running.

1. Choose Your Blogging Platform.
The first thing to consider when starting a blog is deciding on the platform you want to use to host your blog. The two most popular seem to be Blogger and Wordpress, and I have used both. Blogger is what I currently use and favour, but I used Wordpress for many years when running Nelipott Music. Your blog content will depend on the platform that's right for you, but I find Blogger to be the easiest interface and most customisable. There are also websites like Square Space, Wix and even Tumblr that could be right for you. It's best to do a bit of research on all, and try out all the interfaces to see which best suits you.

2. Buy A Domain.
While having your own domain is not a necessity with a blog, it is a great way of creating your own brand and showing professionalism. Like choosing your platform, there are various providers out there to purchase your domain. Buying your domain can be super confusing, but  Go Daddy, 123 Reg and Fast Hosts are all reputable for domains, and all have set-up guides or customer service agents that can help you link up your blog to the domain, and most go live within minutes. Most hosts offer super cheap deals for the first year, but for reference my yearly renewal for the domain with security and protection totals around £35 per year, which works out not even 10p a day. It works similarly to things like car insurance, I could probably get it cheaper if moved my domain elsewhere, but i'm happy with my current set up and think the cost is reasonable. Some platforms like Wordpress make it even easier to buy a domain, by offering the purchase direct from them. 

3. Purchase A Template.
A key feature of your blog will obviously be how it looks. Blogger and Wordpress both have an array of free, customisable templates for you to use, but should you want something a little more slick, you can purchase templates from websites like Etsy. You don't have to spend a lot of money on a template to get really nice results, and most designers will be happy to install the template for you at no extra cost. If you can't find something you like on Etsy, Pipdig is a really popular platform for templates that i'm sure you've seen on most of your favourite bloggers sites. I recommend choosing something simple to start with, and don't clutter your blog with unnecessary widgets just for the sake of it. Your readers want to be able to actually read your post, and have a website with easy navigation and incentive to read more.

4. Plan Content.
You of course won't have a blog without content, so have a think about the kind of things you want to post. Write ideas down in a notebook, draft articles, and just explore your options! The beauty of blogging is that there are no real limits to what you can post, and you can vary your content as little or as often as you like. Try to create a schedule for yourself, whether that's posting once a week or once a month, having something to follow means your content is regular and consecutive. If you're struggling, check out my 30 lifestyle blog post ideas here.

5. Use Social Media.
I'd arguably say this is the most important part of having a blog, because without social media the chances of readers finding your blog (especially in the early stages) are very slim. Use Twitter to tweet about your posts, search in blogging hashtags to find likeminded bloggers and promote yourself to your friends and family by sharing your content on your social media platforms. While I personally don't blog for numbers, it is nice when people interact with you and a post gets popular, so check out the latest trends and talk about current affairs to drive the traffic in. Just remember to be authentic and true to who you are. You'd be surprised how obvious it is when a post is being posted for the sake of it, and not because the blogger is passionate about what they're delivering.

And, that's it! Would you like to start a blog? Do you have a blog and have any other tips for those wanting to begin a blogging journey? Feel free to share your blogs in the comments! 

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