Pink Hair with L'Oreal Colorista

Monday, 10 June 2019

After spending far too many hours on Pinterest lusting after all the pretty hair styles, I decided to finally revisit pink hair. I did it many years ago and loved the outcome, but was far too lazy for the upkeep. I done some research online, watched a bunch of YouTube videos, and finally settled on the L'Oreal Colorista dye as it's easily accessible in the UK and seemed to be a relatively simple process.

The Colorista range comes in many different formulas, from gels to wash outs, and hair "make up" to sprays, I opted for the wash out formula as I find this to be the least transferrable for semi permanent dyes. There are several colours to choose from, as well as different shades of each colour. 

The pink I chose was 'Pink' (imaginative) which retails for £6.99 at Superdrug. The bottles are pretty small so if your hair is anything over shoulder length you will definitely need more than 1 bottle. I have medium length hair which is very thick and 2 did me perfectly, but baring in mind I do have quite big dark roots that I obviously didn't use the colour on. The texture of my hair is fairly dry as it is bleached, but it is in relatively good condition considering the amount i've put it through (I swear by OGX Miracle Oil, you're welcome) and using the product didn't change the condition at all - if anything the product states to be conditioning so it maybe enhanced it slightly!

Instead of messing around with mixing products or adding a shit-tonne of conditioner to get that nice pastel shade, the product is literally just a squeeze and go. It comes with two pairs of gloves which was a nice surprise and the developing time is only 15 minutes. I left it on for half an hour just to get as much intensity as possible as my hair often doesn't take to brightly coloured dyes. 

I absolutely loved the finished result; the shade, the texture and the process was extremely easy for almost instant results. The only downside for me was the lack of longevity of the product staying on my hair. Unfortunately after just one wash the pink was near enough completely gone, with just a very slight peach hue left behind. The product does advertise 2-3 washes, but I would argue it is more 1-2. This however could be down to the condition of my hair, as I have read reviews of people experiencing a couple of weeks with the colour still there.

Colorista do offer a similar permanent version, however this doesn't seem to be easily attainable in the UK and i'm also not sure how "permanent" this dye would actually be as these kind of colours are generally hard to maintain, and I didn't have a successful experience with their grey permanent dye. 

Overall I am super happy with the Colorista range, and considering how quick it is to change up your look and revert back to your original hair, i'm really keen to try out their whole range of shades, especially the Purple, Blue and the deeper Dirty Pink that may give me a bit more longevity!

What's your favourite hair dye? Let me know in the comments! 

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