Bedroom Transformation

Monday, 3 June 2019

I recently moved house and gave my bedroom a much needed makeover. The room hadn't been decorated for nearly 20 years and being someone who loves home interiors (obsessive Pinterest board can be found here), I was excited to take on a lil' project!

After I had completely gutted the room, the next step was painting. The room was a lilac shade that was dull and dirty after years of neglect. My colour palette I chose was greys, pinks and whites, so I went for a grey all over with one statement pink wall. The ceiling just needed brightening so I went for B&Q's own range Brilliant White for this. This paint was a little streaky but to be expected for the low price point. The difference with the wall colours was definitely noticeable as this time I went for Dulux. 

The pink I chose was Pretty Pink which is a muted pink with mauve tones, and the grey was their popular Chic Shadow. The paints were easy to work with and required little of the product to complete two coats all over, meaning i'm left with a load which means my bathroom also ended up being grey! I went for a silk rather than matte finish for all as this is easier to maintain and wipe down overtime. They grey also worked surprisingly well on my radiator which it's not necessarily intended for.

Once all the walls were done it was on to the woodwork which included the doors, shelves, and skirting boards. I used the Colours High Sheen Pure Brilliant White Gloss Paint for these which is specifically for wood and metal. Gloss paints are a lot harder to work with as they're thick so can apply quite streaky, but with a few coats and some perseverance this brought up my doors beautifully. I decided to keep the skirting boards and window/door framing black as I liked how this tied in with the pink, grey and white, and I touched those up with Rustins Black Gloss.

When all the painting was done, it was time for all the fun stuff! Besides from the bed (Argos), sofa (Argos), and bedside tables (Ikea), all the other furniture was things I was bringing from my old flat and/or had been recycled from years ago! As you can see from the before and afters, a bit of paint cant make a huge difference to a room, so even if you're not forking out on new furnishings you can refurbish a room just by brightening it up with a new colour.

Most things I bought are from easily attainable shops like Ikea, Argos and Amazon so i've linked everything I can still find online - Chest of Drawers (Ikea), Canvas (Parrot Print), Rug (Ikea), Lampshades (Amazon), Bedding (Asda), The 1975 'Robbers' Cushion Cover (Redbubble), Hanging Plants (Ikea), Potted Plant (Ikea), Plant Pot 1 (Ikea), Plant Pot 2 (Ikea), Bedside Lamp (Argos), Curtains (Amazon),  Light Box (New Look), Photo Prints (LALALAB - £5 off your first order with my code PGU86UQW).

I'm super pleased with how the room turned out and i'm excited to add more prints and general cute knick-knacks over time - where are some of your favourite places to shop for homeware? Let me know in the comments!

© All Images: JYDMRA

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