Creating A Gallery Wall

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

After spending a lot of time reading reviews and ordering furniture for my move next month, i'd be quite happy if I never looked at another bed frame again. Now the boring part is (nearly) out of the way, I can get on with the enjoyable part; the decor. Adding photos and artwork to your walls can completely alter a room and gallery walls are a super popular and easy way to do so.

When Parrot Print reached out to me and asked if i'd like to collaborate on a post I was more than happy to oblige as I was already in the market for some hangings to jazz up my walls. Using state-of-the art digital printing and the best quality materials, Parrot Print will put any images of your choosing onto square or rectangle canvas'. Prices depend on the size, with their cheapest being a 12"x18" rectangle for £14.99, and their most expensive a 30"x30" square at £49.99.

I chose 4 of the 24"x16" rectangle canvas', which are just shy of the size of an A2 sheet of paper. As i'm planning on having a section dedicated to a collage of personal photographs on one part of my wall, I decided to go for some of my favourite generalised images on the canvas rather than personal, so I could create a gallery wall.

While there are no rules with a gallery wall, I personally am more drawn to those that share similar colour stories to keep a sequence throughout. The images I went for all follow suit with pink, purple and blue hues that all compliment each other nicely. Going for canvas' of different orientations means you can easily continue to add to the wall with smaller / bigger pieces in the future if you like, so I made sure to pick two landscape and two portrait images.

While I don't know all the official technicalities with printing, I do know that the canvas quality has really impressed me as the images look crisp and super high-res. Of course, the quality will depend on the quality of the image you upload to be printed, but the images I used were of mixed sizes, and even the lowest quality image (This Must Be My Dream) printed beautifully.

Image dimensions used:
This Must Be My Dream by Samuel Burgess Johnson: 1280x911 pixels (372 KB)
Lady Gaga by Annie Leibovitz: 1355x1923 pixels (405 KB)
Palm Trees by Jamie Davies: 6720x4489 pixels (3 MB)
Monstera Leaf via Pexels: 4332x6500 pixels (7.4 MB)

All canvas' give you the choice of border type with an option of white, black or image wrap. I went for the image wrap on all as I think this looks the best and gives the photo that 3D, luxury feel. As well as the great quality, Parrot Print offer next day delivery on all orders placed before 12pm, and delivery is free for orders over £20. Check out Parrot Print's canvas builder to create your own wall decor.

I am moving house next month so i'm saving these canvas' for then, but i'm excited to update you on how they look on my walls in future homeware posts!

Disclaimer: Canvas' from Parrot Print were gifted in exchange for a blog review. All opinions and words are my own.

© Image Source: Papier HQ

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