Photo Diary: The 1975 'Music For Cars' Tour

Monday, 21 January 2019

There's no need for me to tell me how much I adore The 1975 as you all already know this by now and I don't doubt you're bored of hearing it, so i'll just jump straight into the Music For Cars tour which sees the Manchester quartet do everything they're good at - just this time in double scale. Maybe even triple. The production levels have increased while the integrity has remained the same. Matty is thankful, humble and excited at every single show. In his own words he's just "so grateful to be back", and this shows in their 23 song long setlist that slightly switches up every night because there's just that many to choose from now. 

I went to 5 shows on this tour, and every one holds a place in my heart for different reasons. Cardiff was special because it was my first and one of the smallest venues for the MFC era, London was incredible because it's my home-town, and The O2 is iconic for any artist - especially two nights. Manchester was beautiful because it is their hometown and I spent it with all the people i've met because of this band (and I drunk a lot of pink gin), and Sheffield closed the UK leg and we (miraculously) got right to the barrier, so was all kinds of emotional. People often ask me why i'd want to see "the same show again and again", but that's the thing, it's not the same. Sure, it's the same songs, but these songs grow in meaning and memories every single time I hear them played. Here's a collection of my photos from the last two weeks.

CARDIFF 14/JAN - Motorpoint Arena.

LONDON 18/JAN - The O2 Arena.

LONDON 19/JAN - The O2 Arena.

MANCHESTER 24/JAN - The Manchester Arena.


© All images: JYDMRA

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