New Year, Same Me... Just With A Few Goals

Thursday, 3 January 2019

"New Year, New Me" is something i've never really been fond of. If you really want to make a change, I don't believe a date is going to be the deciding factor in that. However, I do understand wanting a somewhat fresh start and having an excuse to set yourself some goals. I say 'goals' and steer away from using the word 'resolution' as that's a whole bag of nerves for a lot of people - myself included - feeling anxious about not succeeding and the dread you feel for not sticking to them. 

The truth is, New Year has always been a bit of an anxious time for me, and this year I struggled with it quite heavily. The start of a year comes with so much expectation and hype, that it's drilled into your head that you need to celebrate it and you need to have a fresh mind for January, with exciting plans and new hobbies to get stuck into. But, for most of us, we just go back to our 9 to 5 and carry on existing. 

There are many things I want to achieve with my life, and I hope that a good chunk of it falls within the next 12 months, but instead of stressing myself out with unattainable resolutions and feeling like i've let myself and other people down when they don't work out, i've just given myself 3 goals. Goals that are open ended, goals that don't need to be completed this year, and goals that will hopefully improve my way of life and mental stability. 

01. Learn to drive.
The biggest goal i've set myself for 2019 is to learn to drive. I took a handful of lessons when I was a teenager but wasn't overly interested in driving at the time, and living and working in London made a car seem like an extra, unnecessary cost. While I do still work and live in London, I am now craving that extra sense of freedom that driving can bring - i'd love to not have to constantly rely on public transport and others to get me from A to B. I'd love to be able to drive up to Norfolk to see my Grandad, and down to Brighton on a summers day. I've never wanted to be one of those people that never drive, so as i'm turning 30 next year I think i'm ready to finally kick myself up the ass and get back behind the wheel. Driving does make me feel incredibly anxious and I know it will take me a lot of time to even be ready to take a test, let alone pass, but i'm excited to give it a try. I ordered a new provisional license so I can book some lessons, and have already been smashing out the DVSA Theory Test app - I actually passed my first ever mock test on the app without any studying! Fingers crossed my progress continues in that direction... 

02. Save money.
Saving money is a pretty standard and everyday thing for a lot of people, but it's certainly not easy when you're on a below average salary and renting in London. Scraping the barrel whilst renting overpriced flats is something i've been doing for the last 2 years, and after several lists of pro's and con's and many in-depth conversations with the people around me, i've decided that when my current tenancy is up, i'll be moving back home. Paying half than what I currently do on rent and bills will give me the room to pay for my driving lessons, and to actually have something to show for all my hard work in years to come when I have saved some money. I want to travel, I want to experience new things, and I want to be able to put a deposit down for my own house one day. This is a decision that hasn't come easy - and i've beat myself up with the feeling of taking steps back rather that forward - but I am now confident that it is the right decision for me, for my girlfriend, for my mental health, for my dad, and for my future.

03. Be creative.
Fun fact; I have a diploma in Art & Design, but couldn't tell you the last time I picked up a pencil. I miss my creative flair and want to explore this with interior design, writing and Bullet Journaling. I've spoken fondly about adult colouring books many times (especially love this yearly planner by Johanna Basford), but I want to take it a step further and create my own structure. So, after many years of deliberation, I have decided to finally give Bullet Journaling a go this year - i've ordered a journal, started a specialised Pinterest board, and thanks to Hannah have found a bunch of inspiration from Instagram accounts (@amandarachlee, @coffeemlk). I'm super excited to get stuck into something that isn't just aimlessly scrolling through social media! I've created my own BUJO Instagram if you'd like to keep updated with my progress.

Just because it's a new year, do not feel like you have to create a "new you". You are great just as you are, and don't need to meet societies standards by setting resolutions. Use the new year as an excuse to just explore new ideas and make plans, not to wind yourself up with expectations. I hope that my 2019 is going to be a year of positive, natural and gradual change, but if it's not, that's okay! The same way it's okay if you only keep your gym membership for a month. As long as I can spend the majority of the next 365 days forgetting that this is my last year in my 20's, it'll be alright...!  

Do you have any things you want to do this year? Lets chat in the comments!

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