Introduction To Bullet Journaling

Thursday, 10 January 2019

I mentioned in my first post of 2019 that one of my few goals was to finally start bullet journaling, and i've dived straight in watching streams of YouTube videos, scrolling on Instagram feeds and finding inspiration on Pinterest. With my grandparents being artists and being a former art student myself, i've always had a creative eye, but unfortunately like most, lost my way as I got older and gave up most forms of creativity. I lost interest in painting and historic art forms, and channelled all my interest into writing and shamefully, aimless social media scrolling.

So, I bought myself a LEUCHTTURM1917, a bunch of fancy pens and utilised my old stash from adult colouring books. With all this I managed to put together a nice little space in my flat where I can sit and spend time away from my usual habits and get stuck into journaling. 

I've found Instagram hashtags and Pinterest to be hugely helpful in finding inspiration for spread ideas, but most of my interest has peaked from Amanda Rach Lee who has a whole plethora of content on her YouTube and Instagram to help you get started. I specifically loved her '2019 Bullet Journal Set Up' and 'New Year Bullet Journal Spread Ideas' videos. 

I created a note on my phone with a list of spread, monthly theme and content ideas, and as i'm spending a lot of January in various cities in the country following The 1975's tour, I decided to make my first monthly theme centered around them (below); specifically their use of blocks of colour in the A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships album artwork

January is already looking to be a busy one, as I plan to do a bunch of spreads on tour life including a packing list, favourite memories, setlist documentation, and an itinerary for travel and accommodation. I also want to use the space to track my progress with learning to drive and saving money, which were my two main goals for 2019.

The beauty of a bullet journal is the lack of rules, and how you are able to change things up on every page you do. Although creator Ryder Carroll delivers a method to bullet journaling, you are free to take parts and amend them how you wish. While I will use it as a way to plan and organise parts of my life, it is also just as important for me to utilise it as a creativity hub and improve my art and doodle skills. I plan to make this little notebook a complete brain dump, but a positive brain dump, and hopefully one I can keep up.

It feels really good to feel inspired creatively for the first time in a long time, and I urge anyone who's interested in exploring the idea of a bullet journal to just go for it! It doesn't have to be an expensive hobby with just basic materials, and you can pick it up and put it down whenever it suits you. If you're anything like me you'll find yourself counting down until you're home from work, just excited to get your pens out for an hour!

I am making a conscious effort to update my BUJO Instagram with every spread I do, so feel free to follow my progress there. Massive shoutout to everyone to who has already followed and sent me lovely comments and messages - you're all honeys.

Have you bullet journaled before? Who and what is your inspiration? Let me know below! 
© Image Source: Pexels

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