Christmas Gifting On A Budget

Monday, 12 November 2018

My favourite time of the year is soon approaching; there is nothing better than cosy evenings, big jumpers, decorations, mulled cider, fairy lights and copious amounts of chocolate. As much as I love all the things that come alongside Christmas, the gift buying part is something I always struggle with.  Beyond not knowing what to get some people, renting in London is expensive and spare cash isn't something I have the privilege of. However, doing Christmas on a budget doesn't mean there aren't options out there, it's just knowing where to find them.

eBay | A lot of people think eBay is just for selling on your old worn out jeans, but there are thousands of sellers on the platform offering new products. It's a bit of a running joke with my friends that whenever they ask me where something's from, I always respond 'eBay'! You can find phone cases, homeware, t-shirts, personalised items, trinkets, and just about anything. Most listings offer free postage and a price that can't be beaten. Are you going to be getting Gucci quality? Of course not. But you're getting just about any product you can imagine with so many options.

Supermarkets | People are quick to assume Sainsburys and Tesco will only sort out your groceries, but near enough all supermarkets offer extensive homeware and gift ranges. Asda do really lovely bedding, Sainsburys have an extensive range of cute pyjamas, and Iceland are incredible for edible gifts with all kinds of chocolates and treats.

Photo printing | I love creative gifts because they're personal and a great way to document memories. Why not make your mum a scrapbook of photographs of you together over the years? Why not buy your best friend a personalised fridge magnet of one of your favourite memories together? Websites like LALALAB and Photobox offer an array of different printing services including polaroids, canvas', calendars, books and even phone cases and mugs. It's a great, personal idea that can be done on a really small budget, as both websites constantly offer money off and various deals. 


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Amazon | This is a bit of an obvious addition as i'm pretty sure Amazon is everyone's first go to when they need to order something online, however, I include it as I don't think many people utilise the Wishlist feature which is perfect for Christmas time. Creating a Wishlist means that you can share a list of things with your loved ones and they don't have to struggle without ideas of what to buy you! 

Secret Santa | My family often do a Secret Santa to keep costs down for us all. You give your friends/family a budget and anonymously draw names to see who you have to purchase a gift for. This is again another time a Wishlist would come in handy. Instead of having to buy thoughtless bath sets that end up on a shelf gathering dust, you can put all your effort into one person and get them something they actually want and can utilise! Websites like Draw Names are great for setting up Secret Santa events.

Tickets | Although not necessarily a "cheap" option, event tickets are a great gift because they're about creating memories that you can also be a part of. If you have a "what do you get the guy who has everything" person in your family, take them to a show. If big concerts aren't your thing, look up local theatres as you can see plays at a fraction of the price compared to the West End. Sites like Ticketmaster also offer gift vouchers which are a great gift for people to choose their own events at a later date.

Groupon | A great website to find activities, getaways and various discount codes, Groupon can help you find cheaper trips all over Europe, concerts and comedy, and a vast array of different gift ideas. Whether you want to take your girlfriend wine tasting or your sister to Berlin, there really is something for everyone at considerably discounted rates.

One4All | Some people see Gift Cards as impersonal, but I think giving the recipient the choice of what to get themselves is much more valuable than something that will sit in the back of their wardrobe untouched. One4All is a great card as it is accepted in over 50,000 stores worldwide, including favourites like Boots, Topshop, Halfords, Primark, Currys, Pizza Express and Schuh. You can choose your amount (minimum of £10) and just like that you have a gift for someone with thousands of options.

Some other websites to check out with affordable gift ideas include Sass & Belle, Etsy, Very, Prezzy Box, The Works, Flying Tiger, Getting Personal, Not on the High Street, ASOS, Find Me A Gift and IWOOT.

Do you have any hacks for working your way around a Christmas budget? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. This is awesome! Love the One4all gift card - never heard of that! I also head to Poundland for little gifts - they always have branded stuff for a pound, like face masks and stuff people need but cba to buy themselves, plus soooo much chocolate!

    1. That's a great idea I didn't think of there! x

  2. My favourite present is the scrapbook of memories you made me ... still look at it now, always makes me smile :) x

    1. That must've been years ago now! Dig it out this Christmas so I can have a nose :) x

    2. It’s tucked down the side of my bed ... you made it for me when you were 18 😍


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