Bleaching My Hair At Home

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Before I start this post I just want to confirm that I am not a hairdresser and don't have any professional qualifications when it comes to beauty treatments. I know there will be hair stylists wanting to shoot me for the damage i've put my hair through (on multiple occasions) but this post was requested, and this is just what has worked for me!

My hair has been through a lot - i've been dying it since I was 14, and I went through a good few years where I simply didn't give it a rest. I've been every colour you can imagine, and because of this, it stunted any growth and health in my hair. I finally left it alone for the last few years so it grew and regained health, but after chopping it all off recently I realised I much prefer it blonde when it's shorter. 

I've bleached my own hair on several occasions and know the lengthly, tedious process it is, and know that my hair was finally in a state to be able to handle bleach again. That is the only "advice" I will give anyone wanting to do their hair themselves; make sure it's in as good of condition as it can be, because bleach will break your hair and will change it's health and texture.

My hair is still very yellow/orange toned and not the ashy blonde that I would eventually like to achieve, but it's given me the base to work from. Blonde is an extremely long process so you have to have patience and be prepared to look a bit brassy for a while!

The products I used were:

I started off with the Garnier Olia product as this product has no ammonia and is oil based, making it less harsh on your hair. After using this product it lifted my hair to a light ginger but was admittedly very patchy and not light enough for the ash blonde dye I had bought to go over the top. Because of this, I then went in with the Jerome Russell bleach, this is a lot stronger and your typical "powder bleach" that makes your hair feel very corse and dry and when it's on. I only kept this application on for 30 minutes as it had already been pre-lightened with the Garnier so didn't need a massive lift. 

After this, as you can see, I was left with bright orange hair. This was no surprise as bleach often - if not always - reacts this way on top of dye, which my hair was dyed a darker brown to my natural colour beforehand. I left my hair this colour over night to give it a little bit of a break, I also smothered my whole head in the conditioning treatment that came with the Garnier product which surprisingly left my hair feeling even better than before I bleached it!

The next day I used the Superdrug Ash Blonde dye - a lot of people don't think to use a colour on top of bleach and just tone the bleach. I don't find this method very effective unless you have virgin hair that takes to bleach extremely well. Putting a colour on top evens out the coverage, gives tone, and gives you a better base to work from at a later date, instead of wrestling with luminous orange and a toner!

That being said, I did finish off with the Jerome Russell silver toner after the dye was washed off. This advised to leave on for 30 minutes, but I pushed it to an hour to get it as ashy as possible. Of course, the brassy tones in my hair are very strong so it was never going to eliminate them fully, but it's definitely made it less harsh.

And for now, that's it! I plan on getting some highlights in a month or so to lighten it further, and will continue to use toners and purple shampoos to keep the brassiness dulled down. So if you have any recommendations on products for getting your hair as ashy and light as possible, please do let me know in the comments! 

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  2. I have gray hair and I strongly recommend using Fudge Purple Shampoo as it does wonders lifting all the yellow/brassy tones!

    1. Ah i've heard good things about Fudge, i'll have to check it out - thanks! x

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