August Favourites '18

Friday, 31 August 2018

Trying to find a way to start these posts other than "can you believe how quick said month has gone by?!" but can you believe how quickly August has gone by?! The weather is cooler, Autumn is on the horizon, and before you know it the shops will be filled with Christmas decorations. Whilst i'm sure plenty of you are begrudgingly putting your jackets on, I welcome it with open arms... Here's some music and food I enjoyed this month!

SONG: Dance To This - Troye Sivan ft. Ariana Grande.
I must admit, on first listen, I wasn't head over heels for this song. I love Troye and I love Ariana, but for some reason I was expecting something more? However, fast forward to the release of the video and suddenly my conception changed - this is why the visuals for music are just as important as the sounds! Seeing Troye dance around to the track makes me hear it in a new way, and now I simply cannot get enough. So excited to sit down and listen to his new album, Bloom, that was released today!

ALBUM: Rituals - Deaf Havana.
From screamy post-hardcore to country folk, Deaf Havana's 5-album-long career has taken many turns. Whilst the debut and the latest side by side would sound like completely different bands, their 10 year progression has actually been slow and steady, and welcomed with open arms by their loyal fanbase. Rituals is laced with stadium ready synth pop, and without sounding like a broken record, The 1975 influences are definitely heavy across the atmospheric electronic sounds, especially on track Heaven which is prominently reminiscent of 2014 single Robbers. However, James Veck-Gilodi is absolutely a star within his own right, and after several times of seeing Deaf Havana live over the years, i'm always blown away by the range in the 28 year olds vocals. Rituals is a strong album that scored the band their first top 10 release, and personal favourites for me are Evil, Worship and Sinner (below). The album was the deciding factor in getting my hands on some Brixton Academy tickets, and if you like what you hear (you'd be mad not to), you can join me there on 7th December.

TV SHOW: The Secret World of Jeffree Star.
Unless you've been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks, I should imagine you've at least heard of Shane Dawson's recent series. Although technically not a "TV show", the 5 part series spans over 2 and a half hours and is worthy of being a Netflix original. YouTuber Shane delves into the lavish life of millionaire Jeffree Star, revealing the good the bad and the ugly. The way Shane approaches people and situations is so kind, inviting and heart-warming. Whether you were a fan of Jeffree or not before watching the series, you sure as hell will leave it with more empathy and compassion for his struggles and craft. As much as I love a makeup tutorial or two, I am hoping to see more of these docu-series on YouTube from now on.

FOOD: Voodoo Ray's @ multiple locations, London.
I visited Voodoo Ray's this month when catching up with an old colleague for dinner. Marion is my go to when I need a restaurant recommendation (she helped inspire many of the entries on this post, and you can check out her food review Instagram here) so we she decided on Voodoo Ray's for us I was more than happy to check out the pizza parlour. Located in Camden, Dalston, Shoreditch and Peckham, the menu offers a good selection at great value for money. On Thursdays, when we attended, the Camden restaurant offers '2 Unlimited' which means you can enjoy 2 hours of unlimited slices for just £10 per person, as well as 20% off selected drinks. I could just about stomach 3 slices as they're as big as my head, but a great selection and friendly helpful staff. 

I'd say that when you first hear TOOTIME you wouldn't believe it was The 1975, but what really is them? The Manchester quartet have made a name for themselves for simply exploring so many genres and it just... working. TOOTIME is a dancehall (yes, you read that right, dancehall) smash that is set to be absolutely huge. I don't doubt you'll be dancing to this in your bedroom, clubs and weddings. As well as a banging tune, it is accompanied by a sweet video that features a load of the bands fans; some of my friends included. The style of visuals gives off Michael Jackson Black or White vibes and oozes sheer fun and love. Check it out below.

EVENT: Britney Spears @ Brighton Pride, 4th August 2018.
Summer has been a quiet one music wise for me, as the only show I attended this month was Britney Spears at Pride. Whilst we had a horrible time attempting to get home, the festival itself was good fun and definitely worth the small price point. Preston Park was filled with various stalls, rides, games, tents and plenty to keep you amused throughout the day. It's so lovely to be in an environment full of like minded people, covered in glitter and rainbows and all sorts of crazy attire. Before Miss Spears, the stage welcomed MNEK, Pixie Lott, Louise and Ella Eyre, setting the bar a lot higher for the Pride's to come. Britney herself was good fun, but i'm definitely glad I didn't pay for a full price O2 Arena ticket at over £100 just to see the 36 year old very stiffly miming to her CDs... Bless her.

How's your August been? Let me know in the comments!

© Image Source: The 1975

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