Throwback Thursday: The 90s

Thursday, 12 July 2018

I was born May 28th, 1990. I am the literal definition of a 90s child. I was 4 years old when the first episode of Friends aired, 6 years old when the Spice Girls dropped Wannabe, 7 years old when Princess Diana tragically passed away, and I was just turning 10 when Snake took over the world on Nokia 3310's.

A big factor of the 90s was the fashion. The majority of this was (and still is) influenced by pop culture, and there wasn't a single kid on the planet picking their favourite Spice to base their existence on. Some memorable 90s fashion include neon windbreakers, bandanas, and those bloody amazing combat trousers with the strings on. 

The media industry was huge in the 90s. With the help of the world wide web launching, music, TV and fashion all contribute hugely towards 90s memorabilia. It was absolutely my favourite era, so to celebrate, here are a list of things we can be thankful to the last decade of the 20th century for.

01. The Spice Girls. Obviously! What is a 90s throwback without the women that invented Girl Power? I was inspired to write this post as today marks 21 years since I went to my first ever show (Michael Jackson), but shortly after that I saw the Spice Girls, just after Geri Halliwell dumped the others and broke all our tiny hearts. You can watch that very show in it's entirety here - you're welcome.

02. Gameboy. One year I asked my Mum for a Gameboy Color for Christmas. I was so excited about the prospect of finally being able to play Super Mario, that when I found the Gameboy shaped gift all wrapped up in my Mum's wardrobe in early December, it wasn't long before I was unwrapping it, playing it for a few hours, then wrapping it back up. My Mother was none the wiser until a few years ago I revealed my craftiness - soz Mum! My favourite game was the Sabrina the Teenage Witch one, which I spent far too much of my pocket money on.

03. Gel pens. Every 90s kid had a pencil case bursting with gel pens. And not just any old gel pens, scented gel pens! Strawberry, banana, lemon; all your favourite sickly sweet scents were injected into a glorified roller-ball and everyone went mental for it.

04. The Macarena. I'm pretty sure there isn't a single person in the entire world who doesn't know the Macarena dance, and if you don't I am severely judging you. The Macarena was top of the charts for about 3 months in 1995, and is still to this day a firm favourite at parties. That, and Saturday Night. Bop.

05. Tamagotchi's. Is it a bird? Is it a hamster? A Dog? Why is it screaming? Who knows, but there was something absurdly satisfying clearing up an alien-ass-looking creatures shit on a tiny palm sized device. To this day you can still get your hands on retro virtual pets, just now on iPhone Apps rather than pebbles you didn't know how to turn off.

06. Walkman / HitClips. I was quite late on the Walkman bandwagon and didn't get my first until CDs were a thing, but I did, however, bask in the fact I was one of my only friends to have a HitClips machine. HitClips was a tiny digital audio player that played one-minute clips of pop songs. The songs were interchangeable by even tinier little squares that you inserted into the machine. I'm pretty sure this little device is the reason I know only one verse and chorus' to N'Sync's 'It's Gonna Be Me'.

07. Pokemon cards. The Pokemon trend was revived recently with the launch of Pokemon Go in 2016, but OG Pokemon fans were collecting physical cards back in the day. These cards caused endless amounts of playground drama over who was swapping fairly and who had the best shiny. I, for one, didn't have a clue how to actually play with the cards, but my collection was pretty mighty.

08. Butterfly hair clips. Girls, I know your life just flashed before your eyes as you read them words. That's right, remember those tiny little plastic clips shaped like a butterfly that came in every single colour, finish and glitter you could imagine? I can just about guarantee you wore you hair like this at least once, and god-forbid you ever trod on one of these little bastards.

09. Shag bands. My personal favourite trend of the 90s was the shag bands. Purely because this is a trend that seems to come in and out of fashion so regularly, and because the rules that were made up around these tiny little rubber rings were nothing short of hilarious. Yep, the colour bracelets you wore were situated on a ranking, and if the band broke, you had to do exactly what that colour signified. Slightly concerning that the black bands insinuated you had to have sex with the person that broke it, and this was an okay thing to shout around the playground as a kid, but hey...

10. Crimped hair. I know I definitely wasn't the only one to own a Babyliss Crimping Trio back in the day and that's where it belongs. Back in the day. Please, everyone, stop trying to bring back the crimp. Please.

11. Furbies. These fury little robotic aliens were so creepy to the point I had to shut mine in the wardrobe at night. Mine was called Gizmo after Gremlins because i'm clearly very imaginative, and never grew out of the "Furbish" language like they were supposed to.

12. Chatterbox. I refuse to believe anyone went through their school years without at least making one chatterbox to mess around with in lessons. It was a great way to quiz your crush on finding out their favourite colour and who they fancy.

13. Blockbuster. Yep, remember the days before Netflix when we had to wait for physical releases of movies? It was then too expensive to buy outright from Woolworths, so you'd rent it out from Blockbusters and beg your parents to let you have a sleepover with all your mates. Good times.

14. SMTV Live / CDUK. I'm telling you now, they absolutely don't make kids programmes like they used to. There was nothing better than getting up on a Saturday morning and running downstairs to watch Recess, followed by SMTV Live. There was something about Ant & Dec and Cat Deeley doing Friends spin-off 'Chums' and 'Wonky Donkey' every week, followed by CDUK which was jam packed with your favourite pop stars, giving you an opportunity to utilise those lyrics pages in Top of the Pops Magazine.

15. Aliens. I honestly don't know what made us all so gullible to think that we could put a lump of goo in the fridge to make alien babies, but we absolutely all did it whilst our parents laughed at us.

What are some of your favourite 90s memories? Lets get nostalgic in the comments!

Image Source: BBC

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