July Favourites '18

Monday, 30 July 2018

Well, I think it's safe to say that this July has been the consistently hottest on record for bloody years. If you're anything like me you'll enjoy the sun, but far from enjoy the intense heat, so now it's cooled down for a couple of days I feel a lot more comfortable and not like I need 3 showers a day!

Sweating aside, July saw me start a new job, go to my first London Pride, meet up with an old school friend for the first time in 10 years, and getting tickets to You Me At Six's 'Take Off Your Colours' in full show, so it's been a pretty decent one! Here's my monthly round-up of things I can't get enough of.

APP: Unfold.
Are you seeing all your favourite Bloggers and Influencers using cute polaroid collages on their Insta-Stories and you're mildly jealous that you aren't documenting your days in a more aesthetically pleasing manner? Well, I was, so I did a bit of Googling and found out they're all using Unfold. This is a sweet little app that lets you create story boards in a matter of seconds. It has simple editing tools that lets you create the finished product with ease. You need to pay a couple of quid if you want the fancy polaroids collection, but it's worth it if you're a regular story-teller.

BEAUTY PRODUCT: Solait Wear Off Tan Wipes.
If you told me even just a year ago that i'd be interested in tanning products, I would've simply laughed at you. But, here I am, absolutely loving something I bought on a complete whim. I'm not sure i'll ever be ready to commit to full-time tanning, but if I have an occasion coming up that i'd rather not look like Caspar for, I could not recommend the Superdrug tanning wipes enough. At only £2.99 for 25 wipes, I didn't have high expectations of these doing much, but to my surprise they offered a noticeable difference after about 4 hours, as suggested on the pack. After just 2 applications across 2 days I have a noticeable tan that isn't (too) streaky and natural rather than orange - can't complain!

SONG: God Is A Woman - Ariana Grande.
If I could bottle the feeling I felt when I first heard this song, I would want that to be the "feel good feeling" I refer back to for the rest of my life. There really is nothing better than hearing a song for the first time and being so excited about what you're hearing. I've always been a fan of Ariana, but there is something about the sheer sassiness in God Is A Woman that suddenly puts her on another level. I'm now super excited about the release of upcoming album, Sweetner.

ALBUM: Dealing With Dreams - Luke Pickett.
When I say that I have been waiting a decade for this album, I mean a literal decade. 10 years. 120 months. 3650 days. After what felt like the longest wait of my life, Luke Pickett finally relased his debut last week and my god it was worth the wait. If outrageous vocals over R'n'B beats are your thing, Dealing With Dreams (Spotify / iTunes) is the album for you. Delivered with so much soul, Luke Pickett carries you on a journey through the 15 track record. Although loyal fans would've heard a generous handful of these tracks via previous releases (Loving You Is Wrong being a firm old favourite of mine), the album in it's entirety feels so new and exciting. It's no secret that Luke has run into various hurdles in the industry, so the release of this album comes with a massive celebration of overcoming his struggles so gracefully. Upon first listen on release day, I was completely blown away by opening track Who We Are, which explores The 1975-esque vibes on the choir infused intro. Other stand out's are Wasted Dreams, You Know Me, Somebody Else, I Can Make It Anywhere and Change. So, basically the whole album. Luke's vocals are nothing short of incredible, and after 10 solid years of praising him, i'll be sure to be doing the same for the next 10. Check it out.

VIDEO: 'Tanacon' Series - Shane Dawson.
Unless you've been asleep for the last decade, you'll more than likely know who Shane Dawson is. Whether you know him for his conspiracy theories, weird testing videos, or even his music videos, at 15 million subscribers, Shane is pretty much a household name at this stage. I used to watch Shane years ago, back when he had his floppy emo fringe and was attempting to convince the world he was straight, but like a lot of creators, I kinda lost interest in his content. That was until he started creating these mini-documentaries that have you hooked in a matter of seconds. It started for me when he quizzed Bunny aka 'GRAV3YARDGIRL' in a series about her YouTube career. After receiving such an incredible response, Shane has continued this theme of videos and did so when he spoke about the mess of a convention that was Tanacon. If you don't know anything about Tanacon, you don't need to; Shane delivers all the information and all the tea in the 3 part YouTube series. His next series features friend and fellow YouTube sensation Jeffree Star, which is not going to be one to miss. I absolutely adore the way Shane carries himself and his relationship with all the people around him is truly admirable.

EVENT: Justin Timberlake @ O2 Arena London, 9th July 2018.
For my birthday this year, my Girlfriend surprised me with tickets to see Justin Timberlake. For those of you that didn't know me 10 years ago, Justin Timberlake was my one. Potentially the 'one' Ariana talks about in God Is A Woman (honestly, any excuse to talk about this song). He was the person everyone associated with me because I was such a huge fan. I didn't get to go to his last tour and I was absolutely devastated, so for Paige to surprise me with this gift meant so, so much to me. I'm probably biased, but the show itself was absolutely incredible. The stage took over the majority of The O2's standing area, meaning that at certain points he was so close to me that I thought I was going to fully throw a wobbly and pass out. Playing all the old classics and new bangers, Justin delivered a huge 27 song strong set list. He still is - and undoubtably always will be - an incredible entertainer.

What have you been loving in July? Let me know in the comments!

© Image Source: Ariana Grande

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