Five Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

After spending far too long on Pinterest searching for Pride makeup inspiration (anyone else seeing Britney this weekend and super excited?!), I needed a little break, so I cracked out an old draft and decided to finally actually post it. I didn't realise how boring I was until I found it so difficult to conjure up a handful of facts about myself, but here we are... Some things you maybe don't yet know about me!

1. I've had a paranormal experience. 
Although i'm really not sure how much I believe off my own back, I have been told by my parents that I had a very strange unexplained experience when I was a kid. Apparently, when I was around 3 years old, whenever I would go to bed, my parents would hear me having long in-depth conversations before I would sleep. They didn't think twice about it for a long time, just assuming I was being a typical child. However, one day they decided to ask me who I was talking to, and I responded that it was "my friend". Confused, they asked me about my friend, and I described the woman by her appearance, right down the way she smelt. This description matched that of my Dad's Nan, who passed away before I was born. Weird!

2. I have no feeling in the top of my left index finger.
When I was at university, one Sunday afternoon I was innocently making a prawn baguette and apparently decided to slice my finger open with a cerated bread knife. I cut all the way down to the bone and my finger quite literally flowered open - soz if you're squeamish! The blood that filled my kitchen sink looked nothing short of a murder scene, and my flatmate rushed me to hospital whilst I was in the midst of a severe panic attack. After too many hours in A&E and a few stitches, I found out I cut right through my nerve, and was left with a hefty scar and no feeling at the top of my finger 8 years later!

3. I've had 15 jobs so far.
Yep, that's right, fifteen jobs. As i'm sure you're all aware by now, I suffer with anxiety which has severely interfered with my every day life. One of my biggest battles with anxiety is being in new, unfamiliar environments, and starting a new job is the peak of this insecurity. Because of this, I went through many jobs when I was younger because I just couldn't settle and feel calm. From Primark to a hair salon, a construction company to Brixton Academy, and music PR to T Mobile, i've just about done it all, and out of everything the one thing i'd never go back to is waitressing... Please respect your servers as they go through a bloody awful time! Luckily as i've got older and learnt to control my anxiety more, my issue with jobs seems to be over, as my last 3 jobs I finally settled in and stuck out for years at a time!

4. I was on gossip sites/channels for "kissing Selena Gomez" in 2012.
I realise that's the weirdest title ever, but yep, it actually happened. Not the kissing Selena Gomez bit unfortunately, but the internet thinking a picture of me and an old friend was Selena Gomez locking lips with a "sexy blonde" - their words, not mine! A lot of sites thought I was Ashley Tisdale, and it caused such a stir that Selena's representatives actually ended up speaking out about the photo confirming it wasn't her (ArticleVideo).

5. I now actually really like the colour yellow.
If you're a subscriber of my YouTube channel, you may have seen my first video where I share (not quite) 50 facts about myself (now you can understand why this post was difficult, finding even more facts). One of them facts was how much I hate the colour yellow, but apparently it's true that your tastes change when you get older, as now i'm really enjoying it and lusting over several yellow items of clothing (here, here and here). It has to be the right shade of yellow, and pink will always have my heart, but yellow; you're alright.

Tell me a random fact about yourself in the comments!

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