Our First Home

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

It's been three weeks since my Girlfriend and I moved into our first home together and in that time a lot of things have happened... 

We've realised that living by a river is nice to look at, but very inconvenient when it comes to the flying wildlife that ends up in your flat 24/7. We've found out that Lidl do really great cheese for under £2, and Iceland sell the peng Malteser chocolates that come in Celebration boxes on their own. We've established that booking your internet weeks in advance is of no advantage, because you'll still be waiting 2 and a half weeks for Sky to turn your services on (but on the plus side that means you make the most of your DVD collection and get to re-watch The L Word again). We've become aware that the Amazon Fire TV Stick is worth it for the Music Apps alone, especially the NOW 90's one. We've been reminded that Ikea flatpack furniture it really heavy, especially when carrying up 3 flights of stairs. And finally, we've understood that two girls-one flat is a recipe for hair everywhere.

As i'm sure i've mentioned many times before, i'm quite a minimalist when it comes to decor; I like things to be monochrome and clean, with the odd "statement piece" here and there. Following this theme, our living room (or lounge, whichever you prefer to call it) is very simple and houses a grey sofa which was the landlords, matched with simple Ikea furniture and the odd decoration.

Since the above photo, we now have a Ottoman style foot-stall (similar here) that boasts extra storage and is currently home to all my winter jumpers that are definitely not currently needed! We've also added to our sorry looking cushion collection with some steals from eBay. The canvas is made on Photobox from a photo I took at The 1975's Royal Albert Hall show in 2014, and you can find the fluffy rug in most Pinterest bedrooms (including ours) and from Ikea for just £10. The storage cupboard is from Amazon, the bookcase and TV unit are both from Ikea, and you can get a lightbox just about anywhere, but mine's from New Look.

A firm favourite among you all when I debuted these photos on Twitter, seemed to be the double vanity we have in our bedroom. I guess you can chuck us into the "lipstick lesbians" category, as we both love our makeup and we didn't want to spend our lives arguing over who sits at the dressing table first. So, we made our own that caters to us both. Using a table from Ikea and mirrors from Argos, this simple yet effective dresser totaled at just £58.99, cheaper than your standard singular vanity's.

Our makeup storage consists of simple Curver baskets (which can be found pretty much anywhere; eBay, Amazon, Wilko, The Range) and and trusty Ikea plant pots for brushes. The craft/beauty lamp is from Amazon (similar) and the Polaroid album is also from good ol' Amazon. Framed on the wall is a signed The 1975 Sex Vinyl (I promise that's it for The 1975 themed decor), and the drawer unit is another Ikea bargain at just £29.00. The bedsheets are an old Tesco find, but i'm currently on the hunt for some kinda cheese/banana plant leafy bedding, so please let me know in the comments if you know where I can find this!

It's still obviously a work in progress, but considering we've been at our flat for less than a month, i'm super happy with the progress so far and happy with how it's looking. We've still got our eye firmly on the neon sign from the wishlist post, and in case you wanted to know, the super cute mugs are from Sainsburys.

I hope you've enjoyed this little insight into our home! Now we're finally semi-settled and I actually have internet at home, expect me to get back on regular blogging, and I possibly might stop neglecting YouTube sometime soon, too...

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