Meet The Artist: Charlie Lunn

Monday, 21 May 2018

For anyone that knows me, Charlie needs no introduction - he's been my best friend for the last 12 years and has appeared across several of my social media platforms. For those of you that don't, Charlie Lunn is a 27 year old artist from East London. When I first started my Meet The Artist feature, he was the first person I wanted to show off. His talent is undeniable, so I had a chat with him about his art style, inspirations, and why a rubber is so important.

Felicity Jones // Procreate on iPad
Did your interest in art stem from school, or was this something you picked up outside of education?
My interest in art was there as long as I can remember, I used to draw with my Grandad when I was really young so I guess I picked it up from him who was very good at it, also like my dad who can draw too. I always used to draw things I liked when I was young, which was mainly cartoon stuff so I guess it branched off from that too.

You didn't go to uni or study art at higher education, do you feel like this would have benefited your career in any way or are you happy with your decision?
Possibly, I may have developed certain skills quicker or more 'professionally' but to be honest not really, I really don't care for art theory so I would've been a useless student anyway!

How would you identify your art style?
I would say that my art is quite stylised, which was I told. I always strived for realism but I like my style being realistic but also knowing it's not a photo? So stylised realism? Haha, I don't know!

Kurt Cobain // Colour Pencil and Paint Pens 
Is art your full-time job?
No it's a part time job, I also work as a film/TV show extra! It has been a full time for me before, it just depends on what work I get most from!

Being a portrait artist can be deemed very niche and I could imagine offers limited job roles, have you struggled with this?
Possibly, but I've always found people come to me because they've seen my portrait work and that's why they want some done. But I guess you could say I have because sometimes I do struggle to get more work, but like most things these days you have to pump out so much work to get your stuff noticed and I find it hard to have the time to do all of the work needed to do this.

Having a large following on social media means you must get a lot of people wanting something for nothing, what's been your favourite strange request so far?
I'm lucky because I've found I don't get that as much as I used to, but yes it's happened a lot of times. I remember a few years ago someone sent me a picture of some sports person, their team logo etc and wanted me to make this collage of all these things together. I told them that they can't just message me with all these specific things and expect me to do it and the response was "really? you're the first person that has said they charge for work." which I definitely don't believe.

Who or what are some of your inspirations?
When I was a teenager Chuck Close used to really inspire me cause of how realistic his early work was. The photography portraits of Martin Schoeller also inspired me too. But these days I don't really have inspirations as such, I see the way some art gets done and I like it so I might incorporate certain techniques but I just bounce off other artists on Instagram that I've become friends with!

Titanic at sunrise // Acrylic Paints
What are some of your holy grail art products you'd never be without?
If I'm drawing traditionally, a good rubber. God knows how much work gets ruined when a rubber smudges the shit out of work instead of erasing it!

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?
Improved to what I am now! But in all honesty hopefully happy, healthy and making a living doing something creative whether it be art or not!

Have you got any pieces upcoming that you're excited about?
I've been trying to organise some portrait ideas with real people and stories but I've yet to make a start. Sometimes I really struggle with creative block so it can take a while for me to get ideas from my head into reality!

© Image Source: Charlie Lunn

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