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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

With blogging being accessible to pretty much everyone, the internet is filled to the brim with different blogs. There's blogs dedicated to Harry Styles fan-fiction, and blogs featuring photos of cats with their faces in bread; whatever you're looking for, chances are that someone has done it. Fun blogs aside, there is also the industry of humans making a living out of their blogs, or at least taking the blogging game a little more "seriously".

I work full-time in the music industry so my social channels like this blog and my YouTube are just side projects that I like to do. I do it because i'm a creative person and I enjoy it, and that is something that is hugely important when being a blogger. If your content is forced it can very easily come across that way. The more passion in your work, the more interesting it is to others. With that in mind, here are five bloggers who exude all of these traits and run high quality blogs that I absolutely love.

© Wilyouseven via Hannah Louise F
Hannah Louise |

Hannah is one of them people i've known since the good ol' Tumblr days, meaning we've been internet pals for nearing on 10 years now... crikey! Hannah is thee fashion girl. Her love for clothes has now become her brand and if you want to know the latest steals you can shop for online, you need to be following Hannah on Twitter where she regularly updates with great finds from all your favourite brands. As well as looking amazing in literally everything she wears, Hannah also dips into music and lifestyle on her blog, where she just recently shared her trip to Australia.

© Studio Chic Photos via Callie Thorpe
 Callie Thorpe |

I first come across Callie Thorpe after seeing her on Channel 4's Plus Size Wars back in 2015. As a plus size myself, I found the documentary extremely comforting and encouraging, and was drawn to Callie and her charming personality. After following Callie online for a few years she is still kind, caring and extremely passionate. She writes a column Marie Clare, has celebrated being one of the only plus size women in a bikini to be featured in Vogue, and is constantly updating her blog with fresh new content. Branded as a 'style, life and travel' blog, Callie also has the 'Confidence Corner' which explores women of size, colour, age and transgender. She is a true caregiver and an all round wonderful person within the industry, and undoubtedly my all-time favourite blogger.

© Year of You
 Hayley Colleen |

Recently I was sitting in a hospital waiting room waiting to see a gynecologist about my ongoing womb/period/lady problems, and as always I was running stupidly early and they were running late, so I spent some time aimlessly scrolling through social media. I stumbled across a tweet from Hayley Colleen about her blog, so decided to check it out. Branded as a 'Lifestyle and Coaching blog', Year of You celebrates the life of a modern day girl. From tips on mind wellness or blogging, Hayley covers it all, as well as documenting her travels. She has a handy 'Beginners Guide to Blogging' that teaches you all about corners of blogging you may not originally think about. Her posts are extremely reader friendly and very positive for those who need words of wisdom from time to time.

© Zoe London
Zoe London |

After years of following each other, Zoe and I finally met at this years Big Beauty Day Out and she is hands down one of the nicest people i've had the pleasure of knowing. If you want someone who is open, honest, whilst still being damn-right aesthetic goals, Zoe is your gal. The amount of time and effort that goes in to her content is untouchable. Whether it's creating a Lookbook out of Polaroids for a YouTube video, or talking about wedding planning on her blog, Zoe is an inspiration to any who are into all things social. Not only that but she's a bloody bangin' DJ who i've somehow convinced to play at my wedding that isn't even happening (yet). A true darling.

© Jodie Louise
Jodie Louise |

Like Hannah Louise (why do lots of Bloggers seem to have the name Louise, I feel like I somehow missed a trick here), Jodie is someone who i've mutually followed for years. Her blog is a good mix of fashion and lifestyle linked into one, with all her posts crediting her 10/10 outfits. From Vegan suggestions to beauty, Jodie keeps a good steady mix on her blog alongside a super active Instagram. Go check her out!

Who are your favourite bloggers? What do you look for when you're looking for new content to read? Let me know in the comments!

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