Photo Diary: Budapest Day Three

Monday, 19 March 2018

On our third and final day in Budapest we checked out of our Air B'n'B and went to Jamie Oliver's Pizzeria for lunch (again in Gozsdu Udvar, we may as well have lived up that street honestly). We had the bruschetta followed by a pizza, whilst we laughed about all the lesbian drama unraveling back at home.

After lunch we wen't back down to the river and passed St Stephen's Basilica on the way, which was extremely impressive building. Some of the architecture in Budapest is definitely one of a kind. When we got to the river we stopped by Jerney Bistro for an iced coffee, before getting ourselves some tickets for a boat tour along the Danube.

Whilst on the tour, we learned that the Danube River is the second longest river in Europe, and we got to pass the extremely impressive Parliament of Hungary, which was as grand as what I imagine the Taj Mahal to be. After the boat tour we attempted to go to Budapest's Cat Cafe but unfortunately it was full, so we spent the last few hours chilling in Costa and wandering around the city centre.

To some Budapest may just be 'any other city', which I can vouch for in some respects, but it had a lot to offer, whether you were looking for nights out or beautiful buildings, there is something for everyone in Budapest and I definitely wouldn't say no to visiting again.

© All images: JYDMRA

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