Photo Diary: Budapest Day One

Monday, 12 March 2018

This weekend my girlfriend and I celebrated our year anniversary in Budapest. I'd never been to the Hungarian city before but Paige went last year and loved it. It mainly appealed to me because of the price. Living alone in London i'm constantly living my life on a budget and we were able to get our flights and lovely little Air B'n'B for under £100 each. Not to mention being out there is ridiculously cheap, even if a little confusing - Hungarian Forints are mental! 

I (probably quite ignorantly) wasn't overly interested or knew much about any of the cities monuments, but as soon as we got to Budapest I was fascinated by the city. A lot of the side streets were head to toe of run-down almost derelict looking buildings, however as soon as you enter them it is a complete contrast. The city centre itself is quite grand, and despite never going myself, it reminded me of how you vision New York City to be, with wide roads and yellow taxis.

On the first day we landed in Budapest around midday. By the time we checked into our Air B'n'B and finally forced ourselves to put some makeup on our faces (anyone else find traveling so tiring no matter how short the distance?!) it was pushing onto late lunch / early dinner, so we made our way to Gozsdu Udvar which was a cute street swimming with bars and restaurants and a market at the weekends. We ate in Klikk where I inhaled a Greek pizza and a pint of Soproni.

After dinner we wandered down to Danube River which was beautiful at night. After taking some photos we headed up at Szimpla Kert; Budapest's famous ruin bar. I loved the vibe of this place but be warned that the measures of alcohol here are extremely generous so your double vodka and lemonade is almost just a voddy on the rocks.

© All images: JYDMRA

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  1. It looks incredible! You've fully made me want to book a trip ASAP �� X

  2. You should! If you need any further recommendations let me know! x


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