March Favourites '18

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

With February being a short month and ending so abruptly, March has ended up absolutely flying by and it seems like only yesterday I was writing the last favourites post. Here's a bunch of things i've been enjoying for the last 4 weeks!

APP: Pinterest.
I never really got on board the Pinterest bus when it first became a thing, but since relaunching my blog and linking my Pinterest to my theme, I have got hugely into the app and all things ~aesthetic. From decor inspiration to fashion and celebrities, the organsier in me loves putting pretty things into folders and aimlessly scrolling through. If you follow any boards you recommend or want to follow me, please do!

BEAUTY PRODUCT: St Ives Blemish Fighting Apricot Face Scrub.
I have spent years battling with my skin and trying out different products, increasing water intake, just everything. I have been cursed with having skin prone to break outs and them horrible small bumpy spots especially over my forehead. My chin still takes a battering at my time of the month, but asides from that my skin is finally starting to clear - it's still got a long way to go but it's definitely on the right track. I swear by the St Ives face washes - i've been using these for years now and it's the only product that hasn't done me dirty. I've tried alternatives, but I notice an instant change in my skin as soon as I stop using St Ives, so i've decided to stick with it as my ride or die. This teamed up with a bit of Sudocrem on any break outs has completely transformed my skin and i'm finally on the road to not completely hating my face - hooray! 

SONG: She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5.
This is such an old, random song choice to have in 2018 but when I was in Budapest (check out my photo diaries from the trip here) the Air B'n'B's TV was understandably full of Hungarian channels, therefore we just stuck to putting on MTV and hoping that every third song may be an English one. One of the English songs they did play (that wasn't that horrendously irritating Capital Letters by Hailee Steinfeld) was Maroon 5's latest single, Wait. Although i'm not overly keen on that track, it reminded me of how much I loved Songs About Jane and how good She Will Be Loved is. An absolute banger 16 years later... Yes, sixteen! How old do you feel now?

ALBUM: Man of the Woods - Justin Timberlake.
I love Justin Timberlake. He seems to be a bit of a Marmite artist lately but I am a big fan. Any of my friends will know the story of me physically wetting myself with excitement at his show when I was 17, and 10 years later he is still one of my favourite artists. The highly anticipated Man of the Woods album caused a stir before it was even released, when Justin revealed that this record was "going back to his roots" and nodded at a country vibe. Is is as good as FutureSex/LoveSounds? No, absolutely not. But it is good. Really good. Standouts for me are Midnight Summer Jam, Man of the Woods, Supplies, and comeback single, Filthy. I can't disguise that this album is definitely a grower, when I first heard Say Something I was so underwhelmed that I was almost upset, but the more time has gone on I have grown to love the song and even more-so the video, which was all shot in just one take. Justin Timberlake is still a legend, "country" or not. 

TV SHOW: Dawson's Creek.
Okay, Okay. I know I am literally like 20 years late to this party but I am OBSESSED! I watched the odd Dawson's Creek episode here and there when they would show it on T4 (tbt!) at the weekends, but i'd never really followed the series properly. When Channel 4 recently added it to their boxsets section on All 4, I thought i'd give it a go. I'm now nearing the finish line of season 4 and I absolutely love it. I watch an episode every morning when i'm getting ready for work and it gets me ready for the day, and makes my 7am alarm a little more appealing being excited for what Joey Potter is going to be whinging about next.

VIDEO: Boys Like U - Zand.
Myself and Zander have been friends for around 3-4 years now. We first met when they were just a shy human hiding behind a guitar humming twee melodies whilst supporting Jonny Craig, so watching the transition to the boisterous and outspoken Zand has been nothing but fascinating. Personal admiration and friendship aside, their first release since Seafoal was binned and Zand was born, is the iconic Boys Like U (above). To reel off a paragraph about how proud I am would be an obvious understatement, so instead I asked the "ugly popstar" to let me know their idea behind the self directed visuals.

"The video is completely up to interpretation, but the artistic vision I had behind it is definitely tied into what I wrote the song about - just from a more tongue-in-cheek angle. Boys Like U is the musical embodiment of angst and sarcasm triggered by the self entitlement of fragile men." - Zand.

What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments!

Image Source: NME

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