Five Lesbian Stereotypes: True or False?

Thursday, 22 March 2018

For those of you that don't know my backstory, I came out as gay three years ago. I've always liked girls so I guess I was always around lesbian stereotypes, but it's only since being sure and comfortable with my sexuality that I have really noticed the everyday comments and perceptions that gay girls receive. 

Here are my top five most common stereotypes I have come across as a lesbian, and whether they hold any truth or not.

1. Scissoring. Yep, you guessed it, the first thing any pubescent boy will relate to lesbians is scissoring. However, "scissoring" itself is a completely made-up slang word, and the technical term is actually 'tribbing'. Tribbing is the act of two females rubbing their vulvas together to stimulate their cliterous' (soz @ family reading this). YouTuber Stevie Boebi does great videos about lesbian life, especially focusing on sex. Sex education at school teaches us that sex is only for reproductive purposes and not for fun; Stevie shits all over this and gives us true sex education. She did a video completely on scissoring (below) where she covers pretty much everything I have to say about it. So the question, do lesbians actually scissor? Yeah, if they want to. Lesbian sex is the same as heterosexual sex, everyone has preferences and "gets off" in certain ways. It doesn't mean it is the only way girls have sex.  Which leads me to my next point...

2. "Lesbian Sex Doesn't Count As Real Sex". Firstly, you're dumb. And secondly, yes it DOES! You do not need a penis or intercourse to have sex. Girls do not need these things to climax, nor do they need to climax to enjoy sex. Sex is about being intimate, passion and exploring each other. I have had sex with both men and women and like i'm sure most lesbians in my position would agree, sex with a girl is so. much. better. It's more fulfilling, more personal, more real. Girls know another girls body, they know what is good. They make sex actually enjoyable and not just a chore to please your partners tiny erection. They're not interested in the end result like guys, they're interested in the whole process. And hey, guess what, they actually do foreplay! Yes, straight girls, foreplay is a real thing!

3. We all wear thumb rings and checked shirts. I'm sure you all saw copious amounts of them "starter pack" memes that were stupidly hilarious yet somewhat accurate. The lesbian ones usually consisted of beanie hats, nose rings, nail clippers, Vans, and pictures of Ruby Rose. The "Tomboy but Femme" lesbian is very common these days, but that's down to style, not sexuality. If sexuality was based off of someones dress-sense, all of my friends would be gay. We all wear the same shit because it's fashion. It's what's in the shops at the time you all brought it. Have 90% of lesbians i've met worn a thumb ring? Yes, absolutely (someone buy me one). But so does my heterosexual mother and half the girls falling out of Topshop. 

4. U-Hauling. What's the joke? 'First date dinner, second date keys'? Yeah, lesbians are known for progressing pretty quickly. When you've got two girls who probably aren't as afraid to show their feelings and emotions unlike the male species, it's very easy to get caught up in the moment. You'll often find lesbians getting out of relationships and straight into another, or moving in together. Just remember what you see online isn't the full deal. That quick turn around probably included some cheating or betrayal, and she's probably moved into her girlfriends parents house. That isn't hashtag goals. The first thing that comes up when you search 'u haul' on Google is the word 'lesbian'. So, do lesbians u-haul? Yes, absolutely, but not all of us. I've been with my girlfriend for over a year now and we're only just starting to look for places together! 

5. Hate men. If men weren't constantly giving women (yes, all women, not just gay women) reasons to hate them, it wouldn't be as easy to just generalise you all for being slimy little bastards. However, the notion that lesbians hate all men is of course extremely false. My best friend is a straight male, and I often find myself forming friendships with the opposite sex. Do I want to ever go near another man sexually? Absolutely fucking not. But I don't hate men. We don't hate men. We just have no desire for them, and that is apparently a hard concept for a lot of the male species to grasp - if I hear one more "well you just haven't met the right guy yet" I will personally castrate the being that spews it out of their mouth.

What other common lesbian theories do you hear? Lets chat in the comments!

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