Smoker to Vaper

Friday, 23 February 2018

I first took a drag of a cigarette when I was about 13. I think a friend of mine dared me to sift out my parents dog ends from the ashtray and see what it was like. From what I remember I just coughed a lot and then wasn't bothered by it again. That was until I started drinking and mingling and becoming the inevitable "social smoker". Like every other smoker I know, it went from poncing cigs off strangers when drunk, to buying a 10 pack of Richmond Superkings at the weekend pretty quickly.

When I went to University was when my social smoking status turned into what i'd like to call a part time smoker. One up from the social, but not a full on everyday puffer. We had this room in our Uni house that sat on the back of my housemates room, this backed onto the garden and was no bigger than the size of a table, and this soon became the "smoking room". As time went on these smoking breaks become more regular until my 10 pack was becoming packs of 20 and I didn't need a vodka to inhale some nicotine.

I'm sure you catch my drift by now, that smoking kinda just gradually happened for me. Like most people. I grew up in a house with my parents smoking around 40 a day and the everyone at school asking if I smoked because I reeked of it. I despised smoking to some extent because of this but here I am as a 27 year old woman. smoking "everyday".

I use the word everyday loosely as I can go without a cigarette, when i'm ill the last thing I wanna do is smoke, and in the Winter I rarely want to venture outside to my porch to light up. I know so many of you will be rolling your eyes being like "just stop then?!" but unfortunately it isn't that easy. It is an addiction, but I don't think my addiction is actually to nicotine.

Smoking has always been just a bit of a distraction for me. I smoke on the way to work, at lunch time, and on the way home from work. On an average day, my cigarette intake is about 5, which is very small on the grand scheme of many smokers. Suffering with anxiety, I somewhat fear human contact, and smoking a cigarette when walking down the street was somewhat implemented into my mind that I am now deemed unapproachable. I'm left to get on with it and be on my own, as I don't want strangers to talk to me. In the same breath, smoking shows confidence in a lot of people, and I used this as an excuse to cover up from actually being unbearably unconfident - I am aware this all probably sounds absolutely ridiculous to a lot of people, but this all makes sense in my mixed up little mentally ill head.

Anyway, reasonings for smoking aside, I am a smoker, and I obviously don't need to list the health implications that come with smoking and those aside, the amount of money wasted on this addiction. I now live away from home (i've been thinking about doing a post on my experiences on moving away, so let me know if you're interested in this) and doing adulting "properly" as I like to call it, therefore I spend my life living on budgets and trying to save money where I can.

I smoke roll-up's, therefore I actually don't spend that much on cigarettes, but it's still a good amount. And that good amount is also messing up my body in ways i'm terrified to even think about, so I decided to try and give up. Because I feel my addiction is more to the habit than the physical "product", I thought that vaping would be a good alternative to me. I tried a Vype E-Pen a few years ago and didn't get on with it at all. I found the product to be bulky and loud and not mimicking a cigarette in any way, therefore I threw it away pretty soon and was straight back on the rollies.

So I recently tweeted for recommendations on Vape Pen's and my friend Dannie reached out to me and hooked me up with Vape Club. To be honest, the Vape Club website is overwhelming to someone who doesn't know anything about vaping apart from the fact it smells divine when you're walking past someone puffing on strawberries. I was completely lost but Dannie sent me a bunch of recommendations suited to what I smoke and how often I smoke.

In the end I decided on the Innoken Endura T18. When it arrived (less than 24 hours later with free postage, may I add) the contents of the box looked confusing, but nothing a quick YouTube search couldn't save, finding an easy tutorial showing just how simple it is to put together and begin using.

I am currently on my third day of using the the Endura and I have successfully not touched a cigarette. There has been times when I have thought 'oh, should I roll a cigarette instead of vaping' but I have managed to over-ride that feeling with vaping and although i'm not a heavy smoker, I am proud of myself so far!

I originally planned my transition of smoking to vaping to be a mix of both until I was completely off smoking, but maybe my theory was right all along - my addiction is to the habit and not the nicotine - so perhaps I can successfully give my lungs a break with a lot more ease than I thought.

I am completely aware this is one of them posts that is undoubtedly extremely boring to most, but hopefully somewhat helpful to a few. As it's only been 3 days it's of course still very new to me, but let me know if you'd like an update on how i'm getting on in a few weeks time, and i'll be happy to do update you with my experience and any recommendations for products. That being said, please do chuck any flavour liquid suggestions in the comments, i'm currently on the cherry menthol which is bloody lovely.

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  1. Keep it up girl, I know you can do it!

    1. Only had 2 cigarettes in a week... It's definitely helping already!


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