Five YouTubers You Should Be Subscribed To

Thursday, 15 February 2018

When I get home from work, my routine is to feed my cats, then feed myself. Whilst pottering around the kitchen my favourite thing to do is catch up on YouTube. I'm not really huge on TV, only watching a select few programmes (I need Celebs Go Dating to be a permanent series please) and/or binge watching Netflix, so instead of Eastenders, I delve into my Subscription box and see what the latest is.

Chances are, you know who Zoella is. You've probably seen a PewDiePie video and you are in love with Jenna Marbles' dogs. These huge YouTube names aside, I wanted to recommend some of my favourite perhaps slightly "less known" YouTubers for you to stick your teeth into. Ranging from makeup tutorials, conspiracy theories and daily vlogs, my taste is pretty broad when it comes to who's accompanying my pasta on the hob, so chances are there's definitely something for you in this list.

Kendall Rae // My first entry is actually the person I most recently subscribed to. I'd watched conspiracy videos in the past and was put off by the lack of research and evidence, however Kendall Rae is the complete opposite of un-researched. The amount of time, effort and work that goes into each upload Kendall does is incomparable. If true crime videos and conspiracies are up your street, Kendall is 100% your girl. I had managed to binge watch all her videos in just a week because I was hooked! Now I sit with her notifications on ready for the next upload. A few stories that you should definitely check out are the Slenderman case (above), Madeline McCann, Elisa Lam, West Memphis 3, Amy Bradley and Kenneka Jenkins.

Stephanie Toms // Looking like the most "typical" YouTuber of the bunch, don't be fooled by Steph's channel being "just another beauty channel", because she's far from that. I love watching makeup videos and creating a wish list of products I really don't need, but honestly, once you've seen one review you've probably seen them all. However, Steph's down-to-earth personality and laid back approach makes her videos actually enjoyable rather than unbearably annoying. I'm always eager to see what brand she's testing next, and YouTube aside, she is one of the nicest most interactive YouTubers i've come across, always having a lot of time for her subscribers - myself included! Watch out for her testing videos cause this where you can be recommended a good ol' bargain, and she's also got hair to bloody die for.

Carmie Sellitto // After Paige and I attended last years Hello World, we became a bit obsessed with everyone slating the event online (I mean it wasn't the greatest, but that's a whole other story) and spent the majority of the journey home refreshing Twitter for the next complaint. That's when I stumbled across Carmie - i'd not heard of him before, but after just one video on the event I was absolutely hooked. He is king of clickbait and if you're not into sarcasm then he definitely won't be for you, but I personally absolutely love his sense of humor and love how snappy his editing is. I favour his vlogs over sit down videos but go check him out if you need a good laugh, and count how many times he can squeeze "lowkey" into every upload.

Sophie Louise // I'm still not sure how I stumbled across Sophie, probably when I was going through my phase of binge watching 'Testing Primark Makeup' videos, but here we are. Again, one look at her channel would chuck her straight in the pool of every other beauty YouTuber, but there's something about Sophie that sets her aside from the rest. She's sweet, shy, and not afraid to admit that she's actually not that good at makeup and just does these videos for fun. We watch her on her journey of learning how to contour and opening copious amounts of advent calendars, as well as her life with her boyfriend Alex and moving into their first home. She's as "normal" as they come in the land of YouTube and shes another good one for testing brands. She's a sweetheart and a must watch for makeup fans.

JYDMRA // Hey, it me! Yes, I know I know, bit cheeky including myself, but if there was ever a perfect time for self promo, when else would it be? Lets be honest, my channel is no where near on the level of any of the others; these guys YouTube for a living and I still slave a Monday - Friday job with the occasional upload on the side. But, I love uploading, and it is hard to come across a content creator these days that just does it because they love it. If you like lesbians, vlogs and Craig David, my channel is for you, and I promise despite my extremely irregular uploads that i'm worth the sub, and a new video will be coming sooner than you may think!

These recommendations aside, honorable mentions also go to Charlie Lunn, Rose & Rosie, Danelle Hallan, Mark Ferris, Aysh Asova, Helen Anderson, Louis Cole, Christina Rotondo, Holly Macey, Jamie Genevieve, Shannon Beveridge, Carly Humbert, Jamie Dee and Ben Brown, who i'm all quick to watch as soon as they've uploaded something new.

Who are your favourite YouTubers? Let me know what you think if you check out any of these suggestions!

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