February Favourites '18

The fact it's March in 2 days but it's currently a full on snow blizzard outside is very confusing but hey, here we are! As February draws t…
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Smoker to Vaper

I first took a drag of a cigarette when I was about 13. I think a friend of mine dared me to sift out my parents dog ends from the ashtray and see w…
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Five YouTubers You Should Be Subscribed To

When I get home from work, my routine is to feed my cats, then feed myself. Whilst pottering around the kitchen my favourite thing to do is catch up…
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Homophobia Is Still Alive And (Unfortunately) Well

It's Valentines Day, I am on my way home from work with a beautiful bouquet of roses that my Girlfriend has had delivered to my office. I board …
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