"Explaining My Depression to My Mother"

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

I'm not an avid Facebook user, but on occasion I do decide to check my feed, i'm usually greeted with a load of drivel from school "friends" who I haven't said 2 words to in about 10 years. However, sometimes I find myself stumbling across the odd viral video that actually grabs my attention which restores my very little faith in the social media platform.

Last week, I was aimlessly scrolling through Facebook during my commute home, and one of my friends had shared a video titled "Explaining My Depression to My Mother". The title itself was of interest to me, having recently suffered a pretty horrific bought of depression.

The first time I watched this video I was without headphones. I just watched it on mute with subtitles, and even without sound I was captivated. I was overwhelmed with emotion from the words I was reading and how expressive this girls emotions were. I had never come across someone, or something, explain depression so well.

I'd say the main stigma around mental health is created by people not really knowing how to explain it to others. Disorders are very unique to each sufferer, and it's unfortunately one of them things that's hard to fully understand unless you've been through it yourself. This video, however, gave me confidence. I felt like it gave me answers. Answers I could pass on to those who struggle to understand.

When I got home that night the first thing I did was re-watched the video, this time with sound. As predicted, my emotions during watching were heightened and I felt even more drawn to the 3 and a half minute long poem.

If you need a better understanding of depression, or know someone that doesn't quite get how you feel. Watch this. Send this around. Spread it like wild fire. Depression is real and we need to educate those who are oblivious.

Thank you, Sabrina Benaim. Thank you so much.

Image Source: Colston Hall

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